Hi. My name is Tim Hinson. I make ads and experiences. What makes me good at it is a healthy positive attitude. And I don't mean that I'm always smiling and I always agree with everything. I mean that I'm always smiling and I always come up with ways to make stuff better. Even if some people are all like, "It's fine," and I'm all, "No. It's not fine."
If a piece goes out that I dig, then it's going to be super dig-able. And if I do find something wrong, I stop smiling--but only for a second. Then I walk over to the team with a big smile and a hefty portion of can-do.
I also have an issue with brutal honesty. I somehow can't seem to put anything before truth-telling. It gets me in trouble. It gets me to the right place. Strange how those two things often co-conspire.
Beyond that I'm good at writing ads because I'm stupid educated (B.A. in Communications at UCSB and M.F.A. in Advertising at Academy of Art University San Francisco) and I thrive on momentous occurrence (cool stuff that no one else has heard of yet).
Right now, I'm a Creative Director at Razorfish—been here for 5 years and love working on website design to cinema spots to user experience. I enjoy working against real problems with dedicated people. If that sounds crazy, then lock me up and feed me pills. Seriously.
What I want is to be used to my full brain potential with wires and sparks coming out of my head. I think like a bat outta hell, plus I have a gift for infectious empathy. I want to break the status quo, not reinforce it with some lame productivity message or copy-cat cool device. Oh, and I really get off on injecting art into mainstream whenever I get the chance.
If your agency and clients want that too, then by all means, let's have some fun.
Tim Hinson