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mischievous way

say hello to the hand FRONT

projectile way

we like the hand Headline:
rub out the hand and Win
80s way the hand goes everywhere with you  
There's a new way to clean your contacts. And it doesn't involve senseless rubbing. It's not that we don't like the hand. It's just time for the hand to go.

caribbean way

but the hand doesn't belong in our plan
covert way  
nature's way   BACK
simple way to get rid of the hand    
    Rules and Regulations:
Use Bausch and Lomb Renu Multiplus Multipurpose Solution to clean, disinfect, and store your contact lenses.
Do not rub contacts. Will waste your time
    Terms of Use:
Do not use several solutions. Renu does it all, even daily cleaning.
Any hard feelings of the hand are the sole responsibility of the attached person.
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It's charming, right? Has legs too (*rim shot*). Art directed by Claudio Venturini.